Cognitive Science

ICOS 710: Cognitive Science Research Seminar (can be taken more than once)

ICOS 901: Tutorial: Cognitive Science (can be taken more than once)

Computer Science

COSC 502: Programming Concepts & Tools

COSC 503: Objects & Algorithms

COSC 387: Artificial Intelligence

Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience

NSCI-501: Neuroscience Core I

NSCI-503: Neuroscience Core II

NSCI-505: Neuroscience Survey I

NSCI-521: Functional MRI: Theory and Practice

NSCI-523: Brain and Language

NSCI-526: Computational Neuroscience

NSCI-527: Brain Networks and Cognition

NSCI-533: Neurobiology of Disease I

NSCI-534: Neurobiology of Disease II

NSCI-532: Skills and Ethics to Survive and Thrive in Science


LING 411: Phonology I

LING 427: Syntax I

LING 485: Cognitive Grammar

LING 531: Semantics & Pragmatics I

LING 451: Language Acquisition

LING 553: Introduction to Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism

LING 445: Language Contact

LING 481: Sociolinguistic Variation

LING 483: Discourse Analysis: Narrative

LING 484: Discourse Analysis: Conversation

LING 362: Introduction to Natural Language Processing

LING 420: Introduction to Statistical Natural Language Processing

LING 467: Information Extraction & Retrieval

LING 511: Phonology II

LING 566: Processing of Speech

LING 531: Semantics & Pragmatics I

LING 564: Computational Grammar Formalisms

LING 528: Syntax II

LING 529: Syntax III

LING 532: Semantics and Pragmatics II

LING 555: Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition

Department of Philosophy 

PHIL-491 Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

PHIL-500 Epistemology Proseminar

Department of Psychology

PSYC-501: Conceptual Foundations of Developmental Science

PSYC-502: Human Development in Context

PSYC-503: Social and Emotional Development

PSYC-504: Lifespan Development: Brain and Cognition

PSYC-511: Seminar in Cognition

PSYC-512: Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience

depPSYC-520: Applied Multivariate Analysis