Program of Study

Students in the Cognitive Science concentration will obtain their Ph.D. in different disciplinary areas, but each will be trained in interdisciplinary fields as well, by developing an individualized program of study supervised by a committee of faculty who come from their fields of interest.  For example, a student with interests in mechanisms of language learning might get their Ph.D. in Psychology, but might have coursework and research training also in Linguistics and Neuroscience. A student with interests in computational linguistics might get their Ph.D. in Linguistics or Computer Science, with coursework and research training in these fields as well as in Psychology. The student will have a primary mentor, as is customary, but will also be advised by a committee of three faculty (including the primary mentor) from at least two, preferably three, departments. Faculty from any of the participating departments and schools will be available to serve as primary mentors for these students, permitting a faculty member with a primary appointment in one program to work closely with a graduate student getting a Ph.D. in another program.