Prospective incoming graduate students interested in pursuing the cognitive science concentration at Georgetown may apply simultaneously to the new interdepartmental concentration and to the participating Ph.D. program closest to their interests (Computer Science, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, or Spanish & Portuguese). Applications will be reviewed by the admissions committee in the existing Ph.D. program as well as by an admissions panel for the interdisciplinary concentration. The most appropriateĀ applicants will be admitted by both the interdisciplinary concentration and by the relevant Ph.D. program.

In addition, advanced graduate students already matriculated in one of the relevant Ph.D. programs may apply to the interdisciplinary concentration no later than the Spring of their 2nd year and can be admitted if approved by both the interdisciplinary concentration and their current Ph.D. program, and if a coherent plan for completing the concentration and the major Ph.D. can still be completed.

All applicants, whether applying to the concentration at the same time as to their major Ph.D. program or later, must present statement of purpose, saying why they want to join the concentration, and a plan for interdisciplinary research throughout their doctoral studies.

How to Apply

For prospective incoming graduate students applying to Georgetown:

The application deadline is December 1st for admission the following Fall.

When applying to one of the participating Ph.D. programs online, you will be asked if you are interested also in applying to the Cognitive Science Concentration.  If so, a checkmark will open a window where you can add a Cognitive Science statement to express your interdisciplinary interests, the training you seek, and the type of research in cognitive science you hope to do.  Your application will then be jointly reviewed by the Ph.D. program to which you have applied and by the Concentration in Cognitive Science.

For current graduate students at Georgetown:

Please contact Elissa Newport or Abby Marsh, co-directors of the concentration, and submit your Cognitive Science statement to them.

Elissa Newport, Ph.D.
Co-Director, ICCS

Abigail Marsh, Ph.D.
Co-Director, ICCS (new window)