Graduate Students

Alix Fetch

Alix Fetch
B.A. Linguistics, University of Michigan
Fifth year Ph.D. student in Linguistics
Research interests: hierarchical structure in language and action; language acquisition, processing hierarchical structure in the brain.

Genevieve Hayman
B.A., University of Redlands; M.A. Philosophy, University College Dublin
Third year Ph.D. student in Philosophy
Research interests: Phenomenology, temporality, and embodied cognition.

Jessica Kotfila
B.A. Linguistics and Psychology, Smith College
Second year Ph.D. student in Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Research interests: primary language acquisition with a focus on syntax, semantics, and language change as it pertains to language learning.

Jakob Prange
B.S. Computational Linguistics, Saarland University
Third year Ph.D. student in Computer Science
Research interests: Meaning representations and grammar formalisms for computational language understanding; machine learning.

Post Docs

Heidi Getz

Heidi Getz
B.A. Linguistics and French, Georgetown University; M.S. Linguistics, Georgetown University
Ph.D. Linguistics, Georgetown University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow​, Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, Georgetown University
Research interests: how children learn correlations among patterns of syntax and morphology; how the brain processes syntax.

Betsy Sneller
B.A. English Literature, Calvin College; M.A. Sociolinguistics, University of Essex
Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Learning and Development Lab, Georgetown University
Research interests: sociolinguistics, language variation and change, phonology, experimental sociolinguistics, experimental phonology.


Katrina Ferrara
B.A. Psychology and English, Williams College; M.A. Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow​, Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, Georgetown University, and the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center, Children’s National Health System
Research interests: intellectual and developmental disabilities, visual-spatial cognition, cognitive development

Shannon Mooney

Shannon Mooney
B.A. Linguistics, Anthropology, New York University; M.A. Linguistics, University of Toronto
Ph.D. Linguistics, Georgetown University
Research interests: language variation and change, quantitative sociolinguistics, and usage-based approaches to phonology and morphosyntax.

Kathryn Schuler

Kathryn Schuler
B.A. Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester
Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience, Georgetown University
Research interests: how language is acquired by young children; statistical learning, learning rules and variation.